marzo 25, 2019

Master of Business Administration MBA

Master of Business Administration MBA.

Seton Hall University, New Jersey, Founded in 1856, it is a world-renowned university that communicates between East and West.

It is located in South Orange Town, New Jersey, USA, 12 miles from Manhattan, New York City. It is a large and long-established comprehensive university in the United States.

At the beginning of China’s reform and opening up in 1978. The first American university to establish cooperation with China became an important window for Sino-US higher education and cultural exchanges.  It is the “Western University”.

Which is a university that grafts Chinese and Western cultural exchanges and educational cooperation, and continues to this day. Therefore, Seton Hall University is also transliterated as “Western University” or “Xueton Hor University”. 2017 US News is ranked 118th in the US comprehensive university, 56 in the business school, and the world’s top 200 universities, Master of Business Administration MBA.The University of the East is one of the largest and oldest private universities in the United States.

Education cooperation plan

Constantly pushing Chen Buxin’s department and education cooperation plan, its unique humanistic care spirit, elite training mode. Outstanding academic background and superior geographical position have created the excellent educational quality of the higher education institutions. Master of Business Administration MBA.

The number of students at West East University is about 10,000. It is divided into 9 colleges: College of Arts and Sciences, Stillman School of Business, School of Education and Social Services, School of Nursing, Theological Seminary, Diplomatic Academy, Medicine.The College and the College of Life Sciences, whose law school is located in the adjacent campus of Newark. Among the nine colleges at the University of the West, the College of Arts and Sciences. The Sderman School of Business, the School of Nursing. And the School of Diplomacy are the four colleges that Asian students are most concerned about.