marzo 22, 2019

Host of the United States cloud

As the cloud host emerges in the United States.

your cloud host is in a position of absolute leadership in terms of quality, stability and functionality.

The cloud server of EE. UU It is the first option for most foreign trade companies. At the same time, due to the advantages of the presentation exemption, many individual webmasters also choose to build the product.

The first ten best hosts in the US cloud UU They are based on our professional editorial reviews and review data from the national webmaster, which is your first choice for hosting in the US cloud. UU

Buying guide for hosting in the United States cloud

Host presentation is a requirement with considerable Chinese characteristics. Due to the existence of the registry, many websites were filmed in the initial stage of construction. It is precisely because host presentation is a requirement only in China, so choosing a foreign hosting service (especially the host of the US) is the best option for webmasters.

Currently, there are many Internet merchants who claim to be the cloud free domestic host. The exemption claimed does not mean a permanent exemption. The so-called exemption is only due to the fact that your domain name can still be used without filing, but if not The presentation, once verified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, will have an impact.

Most of the services provided by these IDC providers are not stable. The problem of network speed and frequent downtime can bring more problems.

So, how to choose a cloud host from the United States?
First, be able to distinguish between hosts in the cloud and normal virtual hosts.

In regards to the backup strategy, the true cloud host adopts a snapshot strategy, which can easily restore the original data and the online system status with a single click. This backup strategy is completely incomparable to the traditional backup strategy.

Therefore, in case of loss of user data, the website administrator only needs to restore it with a single click. Basically, it is not necessary to contact the administrator of the server provider to make a backup copy of the data that will be restored after the server is like a traditional server.

The host resource strategy in the cloud is exclusive hardware and bandwidth, while the VPS server is shared, because the host in the cloud is equivalent to a separate host, and the VPS is just a virtual host, and there may be several VPS on a server. And you can not allocate resources according to the needs of each website, there will often be competition for resources, and the resources of the cloud server can be increased or decreased in a flexible way according to your own needs, thus improving access efficiency of each website.

The host architecture in the cloud is based on a massive server cluster. Traditional Hyper-V and VMware do not support clustered clouds, but only support a single host. Therefore, a fake cloud host is prone to a single point of failure, and a true cloud host will never open due to a server failure.

Especially when updating the cloud host, you may encounter this problem. The real cloud host does not need to export data to back up.

At the moment, with the development of technology, many IDC providers have combined cloud technology with traditional VPS technology, that is, they use multiple hosts for virtualization. Although it is still known as VPS, it already has the nature of cloud computing, and this type of VPS is also classified as a host in the cloud.

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