marzo 10, 2019

2015 MBA application question

MBA 2015 application conditions

First, the conditions of application of MBA 2015

-How is the number of years of work experience required in the condition of applying for the MBA exam of January 2016 calculated?
A: The number of years of work experience required by the different qualifications in the application conditions refers to the time from the graduation certificate (usually July of each year) to admission (usually September of each year). 3 years after graduating from college, 5 years after graduating from college.

-Namely: as long as the university has graduated before September 2011, graduated before September 2013 and graduated before September 2014, you can apply for the MBA entrance examination in January 2016.
Special note: if you graduated from college, you will be required to apply for the equivalent qualification if you have obtained a bachelor’s degree and have worked for less than three years.

-After graduating from a high school, I have just obtained a bachelor’s degree and a bachelor’s degree through Gao Zikai, but I have not participated in the national English level 4 exam. Can I apply for an MBA?
A: It is an individual school to apply for a national level 4 English certificate for university graduates. In general, as long as you work after 5 years of graduation, you can apply for it.

-Can I apply for an undergraduate diploma (without degree) for adult education?
A: Provided you have obtained the postgraduate degree of the National Education Series (including the university of higher education) approved by the Ministry of Education, you can request the examination in accordance with the corresponding application conditions (except the Central Party School , the certificates of graduation of the other series of the School of the Party are not recognized).

-Can a candidate with a master’s degree apply for an MBA?
A: Those who have graduated or have obtained a master’s degree and have two or more years of work experience can apply. If you graduated or obtained a master’s degree and worked for less than two years, you must present a bachelor’s degree at the time of enrollment, but the scores for the online report are based on the graduate qualifications.

-Can a person with a bachelor’s degree in work-study that passes a self-study exam be shortened to two years or one year?
A: No. You must have three or more years of work experience after having obtained your university degree before being able to apply.

-Do high school students with several years of practical experience have the opportunity to receive an MBA education? Can new graduates apply for the exam?
A: According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, it must be a junior college (including junior college) or higher to qualify for the exam. MBA admissions do not accept recent graduates..

-Can I get a double degree to apply for an MBA according to a master’s degree?
A: A double degree is also required to apply for a university degree.
Second, the MBA entrance examination application procedures January 2015

-I am a foreign candidate, I want to apply for an MBA, how to apply for registration?
A: The online registration method is adopted every October. In November, the foreign candidates will send a copy of the registration form, the graduation certificate and the degree certificate to the postgraduate admissions office of the university to confirm them within the specified time or go to the site for confirmation, and verify the result of registration via the Internet or by telephone.

-If the file is not consistent with the unit in which I work, who will seal the registration form?
Answer: If the file is in the unit of work in which the employee is located, it must be sealed by the personnel department of the unit. If the file is different from the person in charge, if it is entrusted to it, it must be sealed by the work unit; if it is self-financed, it must be maintained by the file. The unit is stamped.

-Can I entrust others to register with my original diploma?
A: No. Candidates who request the exam must take a digital photograph on the registration site and deposit the photos on the computer, so they can not register on their behalf.

Third, the 2015 MBA exam application related matters

What courses do you need to take for the MBA? Do you have an outline and a reference book?

A: The MBA entrance examination tests are two, respectively: English 2 (Note: «English is generally a general investigation, professional masters’ proof» English two «), synthesis of administration (including mathematics, logic, writing). There is a unified MBA outline and tutoring materials in the country, which is organized by the MBA National Education Steering Committee.The exam program is compiled and published by the Ministry of Education and published by Higher Education Press.

  • Can you try other languages?
    A: Most institutions are not authorized to accept only candidates in English. A small number of institutions can try other languages, such as Japanese, Russian, etc.

Can a foreign candidate take the MBA for a national joint entry exam?

A: MBA applicants must take the registration exam at the first volunteer university. Except in some institutions that have teaching points in other places, such as the teaching point of the Shanghai Jiaotong University of Shenzhen, the examination is done in Guangzhou.